Leadership Development: Uncover Your Leadership Style Profile

TTI SI Success InsightsTM reports provide accurate information about how an individual will interact with others and respond to work challenges. Clients use this as leadership development tools as well as recruitment and selection support.

All Success InsightsTM reports are generated from an individual’s responses to a style analysis questionnaire directly delivered online to the participant and the organization requesting the assessment. Through their personalized report, respondents have the opportunity to immediately increase their knowledge of themselves, resulting in increased effectiveness as a leader, in relationships, and productivity. The report includes an action-planning tool for developmental coaching and skill enhancement.

The assessment comes in two versions:

  • 2-Sciences: Behaviours and Driving Forces (what drives a person’s behaviour)
    Sample Report
  • 3-Sciences: Behaviours, Driving Forces, and proficiency in 23 non-technical skills
    Sample Report

These two versions can be assessed by job role:

  • Executive Insights: Designed for CEOs, senior-level managers and decision makers, this report provides feedback to the leader to understand their leadership style and its impact on teams and individuals.
  • Management-Staff Insights: Designed for supervisors, employees and work teams, this report gives valuable information to clarify individual work styles, how styles affect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship affects productivity and goal achievement.
Both of these reports provide the following information about an individual:
  1. General style characteristics
  2. Value to the organization
  3. Do’s and don’ts for communicating with this person
  4. Tips for the respondent when communicating with others
  5. Ideal work environment for this person
  6. Self-perceptions and others’ perceptions
  7. Natural and adapted styles
  8. Keys for motivating this person
  9. Keys to managing this person
  10. Areas for improvement
  11. Natural style vs adapted style
  12. Primary, situational and indifferent driving forces of a person’s behaviour
The 3-Sciences report adds:
  1. Hierarchy of 23 nontechnical skills proficiencies.

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All managers and administrative staff did the Insights Report. The results articulated to an amazing level of accuracy how each of us worked. It gave us insight as to how to work with one another...and what to watch for.
Glenn Wong, President and CEO, BC Hot House

Thank you for conducting this style analysis. Our Sales people all feel that this has allowed them to better understand their traits and it has given them a tool to achieve higher sales and goals.
Dan Konkin, Sales and Marketing Manager, Ad-Print Markings

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