Find and develop the best leaders for your organization's future.

A motivating work environment is your greatest advantage.

Workers across the board are calling for inspired workplaces

An environment that is intrinsically motivating and a team where high performance, great experiences, and strong relationships are the norm.

Purpose. Connection. Balance.

This is the future workplace. It’s also the key to weathering an ever-changing workforce with shifting values and priorities.

And as a senior leader, you hold the influence to create it.

We Create Amazing Work Environments One Leader at a Time

The right people are a company’s greatest asset. They can be hard to attract and retain – especially in the face of retirement, resignations, illness, and loss of top talent – and the task can leave your management exhausted and burnt out.

We have a solution – and you don’t have to look far to find it.

Discover and develop your leaders from within.

Because the right people are already standing right in front of you. But – what is missing?

The strategy:

The focus on the future of your organization to always keep you a few steps ahead.

The TOols:

The coaching and systems – the soft skills – that your current and future leaders need to thrive.

The Support:

Experienced leaders who have been there before to weigh in on the issues and work through the obstacles.

Grow leaders.
Grow Together.

And experience the payoff.

How we've supported organizational longevity and growth for 35+ years:

Succession Planning

Have leaders at the ready so resignations, retirements, and illnesses don’t throw you off track.

Soft-Skills Training

Help your technically-minded leaders develop the personal skills that are essential for success.

Relationship Intelligence

Nurture higher quality relationships in the workplace to uplift collective performance and the work culture.

Tailored Growth Planning

Use gap analysis to create customized leadership training plans, based on the individual and the role.

Training Activation

Receive actionable resources and leadership coaching so learnings are activated within your leaders.

Benchmarking & Measurement

Predictive analytics, benchmarking key roles, and a clear long-term strategy to keep moving in the right direction.

Coaching to activate your team and customized solutions?

it means your team's potential is realized. Every time. Ready for it?

"The thing I like about Einblau & Associates is that they have solid, practical tools delivered by professionals. They give outstanding, customized service."
- Marilyn Alexander, Molnar Capital Corporation

Here's what we do together:

Leaders at the Ready

Some of the greatest potential leaders are already working for you – and subjective processes and biases and not handling succession early enough mean they’re often overlooked.

Succession Planning allows space to embed a culture of leadership into the inner workings of your organization. Through time-tested techniques like predictive analytics, benchmarking, and tailored leadership development plans that work, we’ll help you design your own succession engine:

It’s an objective, measurable, and accurate retention and attraction strategy based on what you’ll need in the future. 

And it’s a surefire way to fill your leadership positions with the very best people. Every single time. 

Recommended for when...

  • You see big leadership changes on the horizon and don’t know how your company will navigate them.
  • You have too many roles to fill and not enough exceptional managers to fill them.
  • You’re in need of reliable methods for assessing and discovering leaders within your organization.
“Examples, real life solutions, and your professionalism - combined with your sense of humour – made this experience one of the best in recent memory.”
- Michael Wagner, CEO, SASCU

Support the Growth of Your People

Tough conversations. They’re intimidating, but they’re also the key to your company’s greatest potential

If your managers are struggling to bring up poor performance or office politics in an empowered and uplifting way – and instead are leaving their teams feeling unheard or under-appreciated – they need the critical soft skills that turn difficult conversations into opportunities for growth.

Coaching For Commitment is how we teach managers the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of people so they can facilitate their team’s own problem solving and growth with kindness. Because open and honest communication, with the right tools and skills, always improves relationships and workplace culture. 

Let’s help your leaders transform those difficult conversations from intimidating to fulfilling. 

Recommended for when...

  • There are conflicts, work politics, and accountability issues that your leaders need to resolve.
  • Your managers are highly skilled, technically, but not yet experienced in the people skills needed to lead their team.
  • Poor employee performance is holding the team back and needs to be addressed in real time.
“The Coaching for Commitment course has proven to be a key tool for staff mentoring and performance enhancement. Every professional organization that wants to build strong staff and project teams should have their leaders attend this course.
- Frank Belfry, President, KWL Consulting Engineers

Create a Team That Wins Together

More effective than the average outcomes of traditional team building, developing Relationship Intelligence can take different communication styles, misunderstandings, and interpersonal conflicts, and turn them into an intrinsically motivated, high-performance team.

Offered to your leadership teams, project teams, and staff teams, Plain Talk uses the Strengths Deployment Inventory to deepen Relationship Intelligence (RQ) skills.

This transforms the concept of team building to help each team member better understand themselves and each other.

Make way for open communication, conflict resolution, and better relationships – the makings of a winning team – to keep your company on the leading edge. 

Recommended for when...

  • Your managers need to resolve interpersonal conflicts on their team.
  • A manager’s team is struggling to communicate effectively or professionally.
  • Team members, including managers, don’t feel comfortable speaking up or don’t feel like they have a voice.
“Excellent format and interaction. Very effective tools and techniques!”
- Steve Panz, President, Inproheat Industries

Get a new perspective

The expert guidance that your managers and senior leaders need to deeply understand the source of and solution to your greatest workforce struggles.

When your organization is facing challenges – you have to turn the workplace around.

Leadership Coaching brings timely answers in a flexible partnership with industry veterans who bring lived experience managing people and leading organizations. It will help you get clear on the issues getting in the way of success, what your organization needs to tackle them, and a plan to close the gap. 


Explore, strategize, and move towards organizational longevity and growth. 

Recommended for when...

  • You want to draw out the best in your team – especially your most promising people – and desire guidance on how to do it.
  • You know your organization needs to change, but you don’t know how or the best way to make that change.
  • You want an experienced sounding board to help you work through your unique challenges.

Focus on the people.
And incredible rewards will come.

An inspiring workplace is simple: help your leaders grow themselves, so that they can inspire others.

Keep people feeling valued, appreciated, and motivated to drive the organization forward. And rise in the face of change.

Let’s Build a Team That Works Better Together