Confidential Executive Leadership Coaching

Identify & Solve Leadership Issues Together.

Leadership coaching for managers and executives. Problem solve with the support of a right-hand guiding you on the right path. 

• Program Summary •

Solve workplace issues with experienced and completely personalized private coaching for managers, senior leaders, and executives.

Decision Making    |     Objective Feedback    |     Business Results



An experienced sounding board to navigate organizational change.
Offered virtually or in-person in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. 

For managers and executives seeking professional success, satisfaction, and impact.

Einblau’s 1-1 coaching provides the confidential sounding board you and your leaders require to meet the challenges of losing good people, overload, and developing your future leaders for succession.

We partner with you based on your own agenda to figure out what you need and to identify and help your leaders through their biggest challenges – without fitting you into a template or mold. This is an agile private coaching method that motivates your leaders to develop within their own careers and activates the success of their teams.

Timely and consistent advising for critical issues and continuous growth.

Leadership Coaching is based on the proven value we bring to get to the heart of the problem – helping you identify and achieve the goals and priorities you set for yourself. Our experienced coaches have lived in your shoes, and can provide the personal and professional support needed to build your team in lock-step with your organization’s evolution. 

Leaders get better at leading people, employees become more accountable, and teams become high-performance as your organization evolves and develops with Einblau as your right-hand. 

"Rachelle and Einblau really dive deep to the root of the problem and are willing to tackle it head on. Rachelle is also very generous with her time and attention to you as a client. I guarantee you will see benefits after working with her, for both yourself and your organization.”

– Brenna Lozinsky​

Confidential coaching,

when and how you need it, for elevated business performance and increased well-being.