We Support the Development and Efforts of Organization Leaders to Create Inspiring Work Environments where People can Reach their Potential and Achieve Great Things Together.


Company Overview

Einblau & Associates is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in organization and leadership development. We are a dedicated team of Consultants with top-level expertise and a passion for working with people to develop strong business leaders. We train and support our clients in building their company value through firstly, themselves as leaders, and then their staff teams.

We provide comprehensive consulting services and training programs focused on management practices, leadership development and continuous improvement of organizational methods. Our clients tell us they value our knowledge of what it takes to make leaders and organizations highly successful.

We work closely with our clients to help them identify issues critical to their business success and implement practical, effective solutions they can use to be their best and get the best performance from their people. Einblau & Associates was established in 1985. We have a successful track record helping clients achieve their business goals by increasing productivity and improving quality of work life for their employees. The results they experience are increased productivity, retention, and customer/client satisfaction.

In addition to our proven history, we have a far reach, having provided services to clients in Canada, the United States and China. We are very proud of our longstanding relationships with our clients and their dedication to leadership development.

Our Team


Rachelle Lee

Rachelle specializes in organization development, strategic planning, leadership training, and executive coaching. Her work is focused on helping business leaders and managers develop workplaces that foster commitment and engagement, resulting in high-performing staff teams.

Rachelle has provided consulting, advisory services and executive coaching across various industry sectors such as engineering, financial services, manufacturing, graphic design/advertising, health care and social services. Before joining Einblau in 2005 she was the CEO of a highly successful communications research company.

Rachelle has taught management skills courses both in industry and at the University of Calgary. She is a high energy and engaging instructor who practices what she teaches. She backs her theory with real life examples and has won praise for her down-to-earth approach.


Dawn Groves

Dawn Groves trains leaders and teams to sharpen their communication skills, collaborate more effectively, and manage workplace pressure. She stresses the development of action plans for immediate implementation. A sought-after presenter and teacher, she is as friendly and relatable as she is authoritative.

Dawn began her career as a software engineer working on satellite-to-submarine communications. Later, she published several books on lifestyle management and computer topics. She has been quoted in print publications such as Professional Excellence, Success Magazine, Harvard Business Review and Bottom Line Personal, and more. Currently Dawn maintains an active online presence while consulting with city government services and private industries in the USA and Canada.

Training Consultant

Laura Dennison

Before joining Einblau & Associates, Laura owned a training and consulting company with 11 years of international experience in the telecommunications industry. She developed and delivered training courses for a global client base across North and South America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

Laura also has experience in the advertising industry, and extensive leadership experience managing a sales distribution team of entrepreneurs. Laura is very generous with her time and puts her skills and expertise toward supporting non-profit organizations, most recently by chairing boards to provide leadership and strategic direction.

With her BSc in Computer Science, Laura understands the challenges of managing teams of highly intelligent technical professionals, and the unique leadership skills required to foster collaboration and shared success. Not only does she excel at delivering training workshops, she provides leadership training program design services to clients, assisting them in focusing and prioritizing their resources on leadership development that delivers long-term positive results.

We’ll help your business work best for everyone

Who We’ve Worked With
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