Our Story: 35 Years Building Motivating Work Environments & Strong Leadership

Einblau & Associates is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in organizational development. With two offices in Canada, the company has built a reputation as trusted management and leadership advisors who train and support leaders to create great work environments and make change for the better.

What sets Einblau & Associates apart is a commitment to provide long-standing clients across North America with a distinctly different kind of coaching and leadership experience. At the core of its coaching, assessment and training, is the science behind understanding people. Implementation is practical; accountability a key success factor. Customized to the specific workplace, Einblau & Associates challenges its clients to ask—and answer—“what are we going to do differently tomorrow as leaders that is going to make our business more successful and the experience of leadership more satisfying?” 

It’s no surprise that following her initial experience as a client of the company, Einblau & Associates’ president, Rachelle Lee, decided to work at the firm—then, buy it. “What I learned,” Rachelle recalls, “was based on real-life, lived experience, not just a lot of talk. As a CEO at the time, I applied skills I learned right away and saw immediate positive results.”

Coached and mentored by the former owners, Rachelle opened a second office for the company, then assumed ownership in 2018 when they retired. The transition was seamless. According to one long-standing client, “Einblau has always stood out as different from other firms. The soul of the company remained intact, now with the benefit of Rachelle’s leadership experience, knowledge and deep insight.” 

With updated systems, most recently to support more online programs and virtual events, Einblau & Associates continues to provide consulting services and training programs focused on management practices that work. Selected tools and processes identify what’s getting in the way of business and/or leadership success, no matter how tough the questions. Implementation is equally effective—all based on the idea that by taking immediate practical steps, leaders can become stronger and more highly respected, staff more engaged, talent easier to recruit and retain, and workplaces more brilliantly fulfilling for all. 

Meet Our Associates


Rachelle Lee

Rachelle Lee has an innate capacity for understanding people and knowing the difference such understanding has in the workplace when teams appreciate each other’s strengths and differences.

“You need to assess what’s really going on, take action, and hold people accountable, especially yourself,” she says, “that’s what my clients appreciate most. I truly have their success at heart, while being forthright to show what’s getting in the way of a successful future for them personally as a leader, for the staff and the organization. Managers and leaders have the opportunity to create a work environment where everyone thrives, and we show them how to do that.”

Rachelle is no stranger to adversity and the need for tough love when dealing with conflict or challenging circumstances. Her own lived experience in the corporate environment, and in life, gives her the ability to understand—and accept—it’s not always smooth sailing. A positive and successful future is possible, but you have to be willing to seek understanding and do what it takes to get there. And, it’s always best to have a caring, experienced guide on the journey with you.

This message particularly hit home when Rachelle took on various management and leadership roles at corporate and mid-sized businesses. As CEO of a Canadian communications research company, she experienced first-hand the challenges faced by those at the top when dealing with dysfunction and other issues that no one wants to talk about. Determined to find a way to foster better working environments and free leaders from having to solve day-to-day issues, Rachelle deepened her coaching experience and training across a broad range of industry sectors. In 2018, Rachelle bought Einblau & Associates, firmly resolved to continue the work that has proven to truly change lives.

As president, Rachelle continues her work as an organization development and management consultant specializing in leadership training and coaching, strengths-based assessments, and succession planning. A highly respected coach, skilled facilitator, writer and specialist in leadership development, she’s also taught management skills courses in industry and at post-secondary institutions.

Rachelle’s expectations for what Einblau & Associates and its clients can accomplish knows no bounds: “The goal is simple,” she says, “we’re all about helping leaders create positive change that everyone feels proud of….one workplace at a time.”

Rachelle is a specialist in a number of leadership development programs, including the Emotional Intelligence assessment, EQi 2.0, The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) and Einblau & Associates’ proprietary management coaching skills course.

Rachelle gives time, and her business & entrepreneurial skills to governance of non-profit organizations, and also supports social justice issues at the grass-roots level.


Dawn Groves

Dawn Groves trains leaders and teams to sharpen their communication skills, collaborate more effectively, and manage workplace pressure. She stresses the development of action plans for immediate implementation. A sought-after presenter and teacher, she is as friendly and relatable as she is authoritative.

Dawn began her career as a software engineer working on satellite-to-submarine communications. Later, she published several books on lifestyle management and computer topics. She has been quoted in print publications such as Professional Excellence, Success Magazine, Harvard Business Review and Bottom Line Personal, and more. Currently Dawn maintains an active online presence while consulting with city government services and private industries in the USA and Canada.


Rebecca Wood

Rebecca has coached, mentored and inspired leaders, senior sales professionals and managers in many industries across Canada and the US. From winning the coveted Sandler Sales Manager of the Year award in 2017 to leading the membership and sales team to success at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, she has an incredible ability to build relationships, advocate for organizations, put herself in the shoes of clients and strengthen the very teams that have contributed to her own success.

As a Senior Consultant, Rebecca facilitates the growth of leaders through coaching, skills assessments and training, team building, and succession strategy. Clients need a “sponsor” who has lived experience and knows exactly what they’re going through, and what it takes to become the leader they aspire to be.

Rebecca knows how to build collaborative, inspired teams by honouring the strengths of each person. With Einblau’s design-led approach to leadership development, she has the right tools, training, and proven practical approaches that managers and senior leaders need to influence great outcomes. With clear goals and a commitment to accountability, Rebecca has everything she needs to support clients in their own quest for success – whatever that success looks like to them.

Rebecca has a passion for theatre and the arts, both on and off stage. She is currently Board Chair for One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company. She has also been on international boards and committees through her work with the Chamber of Commerce.

Training Consultant

Laura Dennison

Laura loves training and assisting clients with designing effective, practical training programs. “After a training event, I find it so rewarding when clients tell me how they were able to solve an issue, or finally have a conversation they’d been avoiding.”

Laura is committed to delivering effective training workshops and designing quality, leadership training programs. Working one-on-one, she helps clients select a path that’s right for them: what team and leadership skills need to be developed and successfully put into practice. For Laura, it’s always about deriving the best value from training investments, and the best results. As Einblau & Associates has increasingly moved toward offering more online and virtual training, Laura’s technical savvy has been invaluable for making sure technology “works” and clients are comfortable with all aspects of its use.

Laura brings extensive international experience as a trainer in the telecommunications industry, where she developed and designed courses for a global client base across North and South America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. Her corporate experience in advertising, and managing a sales distribution team of entrepreneurs, provides valuable insight on the inevitable challenges of people management. She has a BSc with Specialization in Computing Science (University of Alberta) and is particularly adept at understanding the challenges of managing teams of highly intelligent technical professionals and the unique leadership skills required to foster collaboration and shared success.

Generous with her time and expertise, Laura supports non-profit organizations in her local community with the same passion she brings to Einblau & Associates—doing whatever it takes to get the job done well.

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