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• Program Summary •

Predictive Analytics to discover the Personal Strengths, Work Style, and Emotional Intelligence of your team and potential candidates – accurately!

Employee Strengths (SDI)    |     Job Benchmarking     |     360 Degree Feedback

Facilitated testing using valid and reliable tools to increase self and team awareness and accurately assess internal and external candidates for leadership opportunities.

Predictive analytics will help you land and prioritize your roadmap to growth.

As a leader, having the right time-tested, scientifically-proven assessments to provide valid and reliable information on the individual strengths and dynamics of your team protects your resources, saves you from high turn-over, and reduces unwarranted conflict. (And most conflict in the workplace is unwarranted.)

We offer curated assessments.

From hundreds of options, we’ve tested, selected, and mastered the best ones – based in social science and modified as analytics evolve – that provide an accurate analysis of individual and team dynamics and strengths.

We coach you through the results.

A critical step to give you an invaluable understanding of your team’s soft-skill competencies and help you apply your new knowledge to deeply impact how you manage conflict and to map out growth for your high-performance team.

“The job Benchmarking Process was the perfect tool for identifying the soft skill competencies required of police officers. It was fast, accurate, and it broke through 20 years of bias.”
- Public Administration Consultant

Learn where to focus your leadership development efforts.

Discover the strengths in people that will get you to your goals faster.

Assessments are an essential part of succession planning, team building, and leadership development.

These are not tests. They’re critical tools to help you discover and positively nurture the strengths of your leadership and team members and make decisions for best-fit roles and responsibilities – not only within your organization but also when comparing potential candidates for your organization.

Understanding and tracking these non-technical skills means intentionally setting your team up for success and filling any gaps with candidates who come with the right skills.

“Uncannily accurate!”

Rigorously tested for validity and reliability, the tools we use most often have stood the test of time and have a long history of wide use across the globe:

Succession Planning

Benchmark. Compare. Close the “Gaps”.

Success Insights (TTI SI)

  • Determine key accountabilities for the role.
  • Assess current managers and leaders for best-fit roles.
  • Gap analysis to prioritize leadership development.
  • Reduce the risk of a bad hire.

Looking to nurture a continuous pipeline of leaders – now and for the future?

Learn more about our Succession Planning Program.

Team Building

Me. My team. Growing together.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI):

  • Uncover core motivations for you and your team.
  • Understand causes of interpersonal conflict.
  • Gain critical self-awareness.
  • More effective communication through Relationship Intelligence (RQ).

Looking to enhance your team’s communications success and interpersonal effectiveness?

Learn more about our Plain Talk team building program.

Leadership Development

Growth. Empowerment. Performance.

Emotional Intelligence and soft skills: individual and 360 assessments (EQ-i 2.0, TTI SI TriMetrics DNA, Coaching Skills 360)

  • Understand the impact of emotions in the workplace – especially in times of stress.
  • Identify well-developed soft skills, as well as those needing improvement.
  • Become aware of gaps between perception of self and how you’re perceived by others.

Want to equip your leaders, managers, and supervisors with actionable information for effective skill development?

Set up a consultation.

Assessments that Create Value With People

Strong leaders. High performing teams. Better employee retention. Reduced workplace conflict.


There are hundreds of assessments and tools available – ranging from highly researched and tested, social-science based assessments, to those created by consultants and even by HR departments in organizations. At Einblau, we curate the best and most proven tools that have both stood the test of time, and were developed and evolved with reliable social science and analytics. Our assessments are based on the psychology of people and are widely used around the world to gain objective, reliable, and valid results to positively nurture the strengths of your leadership and team.

At Einblau & Associates, we’ve done the heavy lifting to make sure our assessments are the best in class and it’s imperative that we offer the coaching that ensures the results are properly and positively interpreted and deployed. Assessment results should always be debriefed with an experienced facilitator. Results can be interpreted negatively without the correct context and understanding. Our assessments come from a strengths-based positive perspective, so you gain valuable self-awareness of your strengths and opportunities for growth that will get you to your goals faster.

Most conflict in a workplace is unwarranted conflict that stems from a difference in motivation styles of the people involved, and the strengths they use to reach their goals. Think about a highly analytical person who wants to make decisions with the right information; their coworker is very goal oriented and likes to make decisions on the fly using past experiences as a guide. That’s a conflict waiting to happen. Without an understanding of where two different people are coming from – of what motivates them in their lives – and how to communicate with someone who has a different motivational style, conflict can crop up. When you’ve done the work to understand yourself and the members of your team, you can then anticipate and navigate the behaviours and dynamics for better relationships and better results.

  • When you are interested in SUCCESSION PLANNING: We suggest the TTI SI and Trimetrics DNA which include Role Benchmarking, candidate comparison and analysis of the “gap” for developing leaders within your teams. The most comprehensive way to grow the skills of your current leaders, identify emerging leaders, and create a pipeline of leaders at the ready, is through our Succession Planning program.
  • When you are looking for TEAM BUILDING: We suggest the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) that helps each person become more self-aware of what motivates them and drives their behaviour, PLUS, everyone can gain insight into the motivational strengths style of their teammates. The most comprehensive way to improve communication and deal with conflict is through our Plain Talk program that uses the SDI.
  • If you’re not sure what’s needed, Schedule a Consult with our team of experts, who can explore your team’s needs and make a recommendation for your organization.