360 Degree Feedback

Leadership Development:
Growth. Empowerment. Mastery.

Measure Emotional Intelligence, leadership soft skills, and management coaching skills through individual and 360 assessments: EQ-i 2.0, TTI SI TriMetrics DNA, Coaching Skills 360, Management Effectiveness Profile System.

  • Identify well-developed soft skills, as well as those needing improvement.
  • Understand what strengths can assist in reaching leadership goals.
  • Become aware of gaps between perception of self and how you’re perceived by others.

360-Degree Feedback for Assessing Leadership Skills

For leaders, as people transition upward and take on more leadership responsibility, it can be difficult to determine what skills they have competency in already, and which to prioritize for further development.

For employees, most are not comfortable giving constructive feedback about what a manager could be doing better.

360-degree feedback tools are so helpful to determine:

  • What specifically a manager is doing well that is getting noticed and providing value to the team;
  • What skills require further development for success in their current role;
  • What the team needs from their manager to perform at their best;
  • Skills to master in order to move upward into higher leadership roles and be considered for succession opportunities

Which 360 tools should be used?

Einblau & Associates has a suite of 360-degree feedback assessments to gain feedback for skill and career development. 

The 360-degree assessments we provide:

IMPROVING MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS: Maximize the Power of Valuable Resources

Management Effectiveness Assessment:
This is a dynamic 360-degree feedback and self assessment tool that uses the diagnostic report The Management Effectiveness Profile (MEPS) to measure, report, and recommend improvements in 14 key management skills.

  • The Management Effectiveness Profile (MEPS) is valid and reliable and compares the participant’s opinion of their skill set to up to eight respondents, and to a norm group of 4,800 top achieving managers. Participants get these two sets of comparison data which broadens their perspectives and fosters a developmental attitude.
  • Each participant receives their report, a comprehensive binder with skill definitions and behavioural explanations, as well as additional resources. This is both a useful goal setting tool and future reference book.
  • Participants meet 1-1 with a Leadership Coach to review and understand their report and to set personal development goals in key areas. This tool can be used by a management team or by an individual.



  1. Problem solving: Recognizing and solving problems
  2. Time Management: Allocating time and using it effectively
  3. Planning: Providing directions and scheduling activities
  4. Goal Setting: Establishing goals and objectives
  5. Performance Leadership: Motivating performance and personal development
  6. Organizing: Assigning responsibilities and coordinating tasks
  7. Team Development: Promoting teamwork and cooperation
  8. Delegation: Decentralizing and empowering others
  9. Participation: Sharing power and involving others
  10. Integrating Differences: Accepting and resolving conflicts
  11. Providing Feedback: Facilitating and encouraging others
  12. Stress Processing: Managing crises and reducing stress
  13. Maintaining Integrity: Gaining the trust and confidence of others
  14. Commitment: Demonstrating loyalty and responsibility


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360 Assessment for Feedback on Management Coaching Skills:
Built into the Coaching for Commitment Program is a 360-degree feedback, self and observer assessment to evaluate coaching skills and identify which areas need further development..

Whether we are working with a leadership team or an individual manager, we work through the process of acquiring feedback, generating…., providing…., helping…., results, and provide individualized coaching to analyze results and help the manager create an action plan for ongoing coaching skills development and implementation.

  • Each person solicits anonymous feedback from up to ten other people who are directly impacted by, or have observed, their management coaching efforts.
  • Individuals receive a summary report comparing their own self-assessments to average scores from the observers in key behaviours linked to coaching success.
  • Participants also compare their “self” and “observer” assessments to a norm group of highly successful coaching leaders.
  • The one-to-one coaching Einblau provides post assessment helps each individual set personal development goals in response to their feedback and share their plans with their own manager. This is an important step so that the manager’s supervisor can support them in achieving their goals.

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EQ 360 Assessment: Develop Skills to become an emotionally intelligent leader.

Assess Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Effectiveness:
High IQ combined with high EQ equals success in both work and personal life. 

High EQ is an essential part of superb leadership. An emotionally intelligent leader knows how to support their people in achieving their best. While IQ is set, EQ can develop with awareness and coaching. The EQ-I 2.0 helps leaders understand their emotional and social functioning.

The EQ-I 2.0 can be done as a self-assessment and as a 360-degree assessment where a leader obtains additional confidential feedback from superiors, peers, and direct reports. The assessment is done online and has been developed using rigorous research standards.

This Inventory accurately defines and assesses the 15 skills that constitute emotional intelligence, and is scientifically proven to be both reliable and valid – the two criteria that all tests must meet in order to be of benefit.

The EQ-I 2.0 report provides the leader with:

  • An assessment of the 15 emotional intelligence skills with explanations and suggestions for development.
  • The assessment identifies growth opportunities in three categories: Area for Enrichment, Effective Functioning and Enhanced Skill development.
  • An Einblau consultant debriefs the report in a 1-1 coaching session to discuss the results, look at areas of strength, and determine what priority should be placed on skills needing development.
  • Einblau also provides support in developing an action plan that includes additional resources and success measurement.


Anyone that works with us to do an EQ-I 2.0 assessment also receives a copy of The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success. This book is authored by Steven Stein, Ph.D. and Howard Book Ph.D, and provides a complete explanation of each of the 15 skills with comprehensive suggestions for development.

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All our 360-degree assessments are administered online with strict confidentiality.

Summary reports of each assessment are reviewed through 1-1 coaching sessions with an Einblau Coach to properly interpret results and create an action plan for leadership development initiatives.

Assessments that Create Value With People

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