Coaching for Commitment

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Transform difficult conversations into growth, empowerment, and high performance. Applied leadership coaching skills training for inspiring intrinsically motivated teams.

• Program Summary •

Equip your leaders, managers, and supervisors with a proven process for effective performance improvement coaching.

Coaching Skills     |    Corrective Feedback     |     Employee Performance

Over 2500 managers trained. Offered both in person and online.

Do tough conversations about staff performance have your management team feeling uncertain or unprepared?

Performance Reviews. Conflict Resolution. Corrective Feedback. Problem Solving.

…Without a map to navigate these conversations, leaders often avoid having them at all.  Other times, they push them aside until they’re overflowing with frustration, resulting in conversations that are reactive instead of proactive. And in both cases: the problems keep stacking up until they end up on your desk.

Addressing those conversations – the right way – is the key to unlocking high performance, productivity, and accountability while building a supportive and inspiring workplace.

So What Now?

A laser focus on the underlying problem –not the symptoms – will keep your organization at the leading edge.

The Symptoms

  • Staff aren’t delivering on key responsibilities and deadlines. And managers are working nights and weekends to pick up the slack.
  • Conflict and finger-pointing among staff when goals aren’t met.
  • Low performance and lack of initiative or accountability on the team.

The Root Cause

  • Technically-skilled managers are more comfortable doing the job instead of leading and empowering others to do the work.
  • Managers aren’t clearly addressing the accountability issues because they don’t know how to deliver corrective feedback in a pro-active, non-confrontational way.
  • The staff feels unengaged or unsupported, and the manager hasn’t yet learned how to create an inspiring work environment.

Right now, your team is running at partial capacity with lots of room for growth. 

Since most of a manager’s results come from the commitment, solutions, and skills of their staff (and not their own technical skills)…

 It’s time to switch gears and focus on the real problem at the heart of it all: A soft skills gap in coaching and communication. Let’s maximize the fullest potential of your team by helping your managers make sense of people.

Inspire Your Staff to Become Self-Sufficient Problem Solvers

What if we told you that effective management isn’t about having all the answers? And that striving to have all the answers is actually the least effective way of unlocking your team’s best work? It’s true:

Great management is truly about facilitation. And leading the team to their own answers.

Coaching For Commitment shows managers how to coach…instead of tell. And bring out the absolute best in the employees they’re leading.

Our proven methodology helps management hit directly on the issues –  but in a non-confrontational way that leaves staff feeling empowered and motivated instead of unheard and unappreciated. 

We’ll show your management team – step-by-step – how to effectively lead their team using the two major coaching styles: 

Coaching for Success:

Positive reinforcement to inspire growth, productivity, and the relationship. Includes:

  • Counselling (Problem Solving): Collaboratively solving any type of work related problem.
  • Mentoring. Helping employees learn to develop their career and themselves as future leaders.
  • Tutoring: Helping employees acquire new job related knowledge or skills for increased confidence and competency.

Coaching for Performance Improvement:

Corrective feedback to inspire commitment, accountability, and better performance. Includes:

  • Corrective Feedback: Thoughtfully challenging an employee to do something differently, take on more work, or take the next step in their development.

Stressing over poor performance will become a thing of the past for managers.

Get your leaders out of the day-to-day pains that are holding them back.

The Einblau Approach

Theory is good.
Results are better.

If you want more than theories, lived experience matters. Our team knows this problem inside out – because they’ve lived it while working as managers themselves. 

It is rare to find a course as relevant to the management of people as Coaching for Commitment. It is great to go to a course where the material is actually useful ‘where rubber hits the road’.”
- Michael Wagner, CEO, SASCU

Actionable Steps for Immediate Results.

While most trainings focus on the philosophy or theory behind leadership development, Einblau’s practical approach cuts through the fluff. The learnings can be immediately applied on the job, and your managers will be calling upon the skills and guidelines they learn in this program for the rest of their leadership career.

2500+ managers and supervisors have taken CFC and experienced:

How we've supported organizational longevity and growth for 35+ years:

A Great Work Culture

Establishing the four conditions that inspire staff to proudly perform at their best. 

Easier Performance Management

A systematic approach in place to debrief, give feedback, and inspire better performance.

Better People Skills

Tools for open and honest communication to improve and grow relationships.

Conflict Resolution

Simple resolutions to conflicts or any intimidating conversations.

Team Empowerment & Follow Through

A method that elicits solutions from your staff, along with improved follow-through.

Effective Remote Communication

Clear communication within your team to avoid virtual mishaps and misunderstandings.

Ready for the performance problems to ‘go away’?

Coaching For Commitment is right for your team when: 

  • You want managers to confidently, proactively take on the staff challenges and find lasting solutions to the mounting issues.
  • The organization’s overall performance isn’t where you want it and you’re ready to take ACTION to achieve higher performance.
  • You’re getting negative feedback from clients that needs to be solved at the management level ASAP.
  • Conflicts and workplace politics need to be addressed.
  • Your managers are highly skilled, technically, but not yet experienced in the people skills needed to lead their team.
  • Poor employee performance is holding the team back and needs to be addressed in real time.

And, most importantly, you know that the right people, with the right support, are your greatest asset. And you’re ready to give them the support they need to grow and build value together.

Give management the tools they need to create a highly motivated, high-performing team.

Coaching for Commitment: Upcoming Courses

The Art & Science of Leadership Presence

Date & Time

September 17 & 18, 2024

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (both days)


Western Canada Calgary Winter Club 4611 - 14th Street NW Calgary, AB T2K 1J7

Course Fee

$3,500 CAD + GST

Vancouver Public Course

Date & Time

October 9 & 10, 2024

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


UBC Golf Course

5185 University Boulevard, Vancouver BC V6T 1X5

Course Fee

$2,500 CAD +GST

Calgary Public Course

Date & Time

October 29 & 30, 2024

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Calgary Winter Club

4611 - 14th Street NW Calgary, AB T2K 1J7

Course Fee

$2,500 CAD +GST

Edmonton Public Course

Date & Time

November 26 & 27, 2024

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Productivity Innovation Centre PIC315

10210 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5G 0Y2

Course Fee

$2,500 CAD +GST

Book a Private Course & We’ll Come To You!

Do you have 12-20 managers you’d like to put through CFC? Let’s chat! Contact us about the cost benefits and logistics of an in-house, private training. 

“Your character and presentation methods were probably the most important aspects in the successful delivery of the course as a whole - since, throughout the day, I never lost interest. I can’t think of anything I would change!”
- Ian Forbes, MD, Medical Officer, Health Canada

Those tough conversations are a key piece of the puzzle.

And they can leave even the most talented managers feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for solutions. Especially when they don’t have a proven process for quick resolutions.

We’ll help you unlock the very best out of your staff through a coaching methodology that inspires commitment to sustained positive performance.

Let’s elevate your leaders, staff, and entire organization!