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Rachelle Lee - Einblau President, Organizational Development Consultant, Facilitator, and Leadership Coach

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Rachelle Lee is a storyteller full of lived-experience, humour, and practicality that lets her readily connect to people at any level within an organization – and authentically share and activate her wealth of information.

Connection. Engagement. Inspiration. She inspires impactful leaders – the kind that people remember – because she has dedicated her entire career to becoming one herself.

“The laughter, creativity, camaraderie, and sense of common purpose that we generated was carried over into our day-to-day work together. I recommend Rachelle to other organizations seeking similar outcomes."

- John Gunn, CEO, CA School of Business

Meet Rachelle

In 2018, Rachelle became president of Einblau & Associates –  a management consulting firm that has specialized in organizational development since 1985. 

She’s seen firsthand the impact of doing the hard work of growing and lifting people up within organizations – as a former CEO, as a client of Einblau, as an associate consultant, and now as its leader.

The question has always been: What can leaders do tomorrow (not 3-6 months from now) that will make the organization more successful and the experience of leadership more satisfying?

Her philosophy? We exchange so much of our time for work that our work experiences are our LIFE experiences. They matter. And leaders have great responsibility and power to influence inspiring workplaces – where people are motivated to grow together and where they can genuinely feel, “ahhh, I love coming to work.”

Rachelle is here to help break challenging and complex patterns, change workplaces for the better, and activate your organization’s leadership so that companies and people can rise in the face of change.

Through practicality. Right now. Because theory is great. Results are better. 

High Impact Keynote Talks for When:

  • Working together towards a common goal seems like the holy grail, instead of something that can actually happen.
  • You need movement and intrinsic motivation in the leadership and teams within your organization.
  • You need to build confidence in your leaders, take the guesswork out of what leadership is, and help them understand people.
  • You need to build emotional and relationship intelligence (RQ) that propels your teams to collaborate enthusiastically.

A Practical Approach to Impactful Leadership

Let’s co-create the talk that’s right for your audience. Or use one of Rachelle’s favourite topics below as a jumping off point.

Signature Talk

Your Succession Engine: Attract & Retain Top Talent.

How to find emerging leaders and strengthen the ones you already have.

It’s time to equip your teams with a succession engine – one that creates a culture of leadership and provides leaders at the ready. This is the talk that will fortify your organization in the face of change. You’ll discover exactly where the right talent is hiding and how to make your people your company’s greatest asset – even when the best ones seem hard to find.

Keynotes & Workshops for Impact

Tough Conversations – That Work.

How to turn corrective performance conversations into opportunities for growth, empowerment, and high performance. 

Leaders know difficult conversations are part of the job, yet sometimes avoid them because they don’t have a good process to open up a constructive dialogue or deal with emotions that may arise. In this talk, learn how to flip the story, understand your role in the process, and get excited as you see difficult conversations as the kindness they are. 

Take Team Building To The Next Level.

How to reduce interpersonal conflict within your teams using Relationship Intelligence (RQ)

Leaders understand that “people” problems can quickly become client problems without the ability to harness growth from conflict. This talk provides compelling rationale and actionable tips for your leaders and team members to step-up or step-in – inspiring them to help people be successful and populating your organization with positive role models. 

Other Topics:

  • Moving from Specialist to Leader: What You Need to Succeed
  • Becoming a Highly Valued Mentor: The Best Resources to Develop Leadership Skills
  • If the Job Could Talk: Using Predictive Analytics to Hire Leaders that Succeed 
  • Turning On the Lights….Understanding What Does and Does Not Motivate a Person.
  • How to Gain Self-Awareness (When No One Wants to Give Honest Feedback to a Senior Leader).
  • Successfully Collaborate and do Business with People of Different Behavioural Styles
  • Why Being Smart Isn’t Enough: How to Increase your EQ & RQ, the “Other” Intelligences.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Team Dynamics Model by Patrick Lencioni. 

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