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Word of Mouth

Thank you for conducting this style analysis. Our Sales people all feel that this has allowed them to better understand their traits and it has given them a tool to achieve higher sales and goals.
Dan Konkin, Sales and Marketing Manager, Ad-Print Markings

All managers and administrative staff did the Insights Report. The results articulated to an amazing level of accuracy how each of us worked. It gave us insight as to how to work with one another...and what to watch for.
Glenn Wong, President and CEO, BC Hot House

I asked questions I would never have thought to ask with the help of Job Benchmarking. I got responses that gave me a much greater insight into the candidate than I thought was possible.
Ralph Johnstone, President, Johnstone's Benefits

We've spent a lot of time and money to identify soft skill competencies for just a handful of positions. Job Benchmarking is easier to implement and less expensive.
HR Executive with American Airlines

The Job Benchmarking Process was the perfect tool for identifying the soft skill competencies required of police officers. It was fast, accurate, and it broke through 20 years of bias.
Public Administration Consultant

Thank you for leading us through a productive and meaningful planning session. The end result is a much more cohesive team and an upbeat feeling.
Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union

Your guidance has enabled us to implement the initial stages of all our determined goals...and allowed us a solid opportunity for advancement.
OCL Industrial Materials

Einblau & Associates helped us to develop a solid strategic plan which played a significant role in our corporate success.
Cathy Manson, General Manager, Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union

Examples, real life situations, and your professionalism combined with your sense of humour made this experience one of the best in recent memory.
Michael Wagner, CEO, SASCU 2

Your character and presentation methods were probably the most important aspects in the successful delivery of the course as a whole since, throughout the day, I never lost my interest. I can't think of anything I would change, thanks for an interesting day.
Ian Forbes, MD, Medical Officer, Health Canada

Your practical, humorous approach was very informative and [made for an] entertaining day.
Colleen Kelly, Coordinator Red Deer Community Information and Referral Society

Einblau's services were key to Westmar becoming one of B.C.'s fastest growing and most successful firms.
Stan Cowdell, President, Westmar Consultants

Productivity and organization streamlining recommendations resulting in savings of over $600,000.00 per year.
Westmin Resources

Survey results formed the heart of our human resource and organization development plans to significantly improve employee communications and quality of supervision.
Nabob Foods

The Blue Sky Cafe approach to our staff retreat provided a very effective, not to mention fun, way to engage and energize the whole organization in bringing CASB's mission, vision and values to life. The laughter, creativity, camaraderie and sense of common purpose that we generated at the Cafe has carried over into our day-to-day work together. I recommend the approach to other organizations seeking similar outcomes.
John Gunn, CEO, CA School of Business

The Strength Deployment Inventory Seminar was the best seminar I've attended.
Capilano College Participant

A most enjoyable workshop - information to use at work and home.
Health Care Education Council Participant

I didn't look at my watch once!
West Vancouver School District Participant

The Strength Deployment Inventory helps to understand self and others and how we/they approach conflict.
Karen Ayres, Manager Compensation, Envision Financial

It was fun and very energizing to learn this way. We talked about it for weeks.
Insurance Brokerage Participant

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about myself and others.
Association of Neighbourhood Houses Participant

Westmar actively sent our managers to the [management coaching skills course], Coaching for Commitment. In every instance they found the course to be directly related to their day-to-day activities. The lessons learned opened lines of communication and developed strong team skills. Anyone responsible for supervising or managing project teams will find this course valuable.
Stan Cowdell, President, Westmar Consultants

It is rare to find a course as relevant to the management of people as Coaching for Commitment. It is great to go to a course where the material is actually useful "where the rubber hits the road". The feedback forms from our 16 middle to senior managers at our credit union all indicated the very high quality of the information contained in the material and how very relevant it was to all the managers in the areas of communication and performance improvement. Examples, real life situations, and your professionalism, combined with your sense of humour made this experience one of the best in recent memory.
Michael Wagner, CEO, SASCU

This course was very valuable to me as an agency owner and a manager. Most importantly it provided me with a practical and effective way to approach performance feedback that will make my conversations with employees more successful.
Jim Ball, President, Reliance Insurance Agencies

Your experience with us technical types really comes through.
Geoff Burn, P. Eng., Associated Engineering (Ont.) Ltd.

The Coaching for Commitment course has proven to be a key tool for staff mentoring and performance enhancement. Every professional organization that wants to build strong staff support and project teams should have their professional and non-professional leaders attend this course.
Frank Belfry, President, KWL Consulting Engineers

This is a wonderful course that has given me a simple and helpful structure to follow in dealing with problem solving and conflict. I now have the confidence to deal with employees in an assertive, not aggressive way.
Chrystal Blackett, General Manager, Northcountry Insurance

My experience has shown me that the coaching course was extremely valuable. Anyone can deal with issues that are positive, but Coaching for Commitment has taught me how to deal with the kinds of issues that are unpleasant and often left to fester.
Art McDonald, P.Eng., School District #73

I have personally taken the Coaching for Commitment course. It is directly relevant for day to day management of staff for optimum performance. The course material is well presented. The instructor is effective and entertaining.
Neil Cumming, President & CEO Levelton Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Einblau & Associates gave our team members the knowledge they needed to do their jobs better - and the inspiration to apply that knowledge right away. Now we have team members who can grow along with our business.
Nadine Garland, BC Hot House

The thing I like about Einblau & Associates is that they have solid, practical tools delivered by professionals. They give outstanding, customized service.
Marilyn Alexander, Molnar Capital Corporation

Excellent format and interaction. Very effective tools and techniques!
Steve Panz, President, Inproheat Industries

I found the course fun, enlightening and extremely useful. During the class I had the opportunity to try out my new skills and insights I'd learned for successfully mediating a conflict. I highly recommend this course for other managers.
Karen Cook, APR, General Manager & VP, Client Services James Hoggan & Associate

I learned how we can better communicate with each other, especially during times of conflict and understand where we're individually coming from.
Engineering Firm Participant

The Strength Deployment Inventory will help me get the best out of myself and my staff.
British Columbia Credit Union Participant

This is the most enjoyable seminar I've been to. I received valuable information that I can use at work and at home.
Surrey Memorial Hospital Participant

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