A Continuous Pipeline of Leaders, Now & For the Future.
We help you create the succession strategy that achieves organizational longevity and growth.

• Program Summary •

Grow leaders from within by developing a customized leadership development program specific to your organization. Equip your organization with sustained top-grade leadership in an ever-changing workforce.

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A customized leadership succession planning consulting service for senior leadership and executives.

“You just can’t find good people anymore.”

As an executive leader, it’s your worst-case scenario.

A shortage of top leadership talent – amidst an ever-changing workforce riddled with retirements, illness, and resignations – is the biggest hindrance to organizational longevity and growth. Especially when you have no solid strategy to prop you up during unpredictable waves of change. 

The SOlution?

Shift your attention to within your organization – instead of outside of it – and you’ll find that you can more easily develop ‘good people’ who are right in front of you. 

Succession Planning will help you develop existing leaders, and identify and train emerging leaders so your organization is well-equipped to fill future management and leadership positions with ease.

Leadership Succession planning consulting:

The Right Leaders always at the ready

Leadership Succession Planning is a strategic engine that’s always identifying and developing the best leaders for your organization’s future. 

At its full potential, your Leadership Continuity strategy will embed a culture of developing leaders from within, so you have a pipeline of candidates ready to hit the ground running when you need it most. 


Not only that...

When it's working, succession planning strategy is also your retention and attraction strategy.

It keeps your staff committed to high performance and motivated to stick around. And because word gets around about great workplaces, you’ll naturally attract top talent that’s looking for a workplace built on internal growth and promotion. 

You’ll cultivate: an amazing work culture, well-trained, high-performing leaders, team harmony, and lived principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

Your greatest future leaders are already working for you.
(Even if you can't see it right now!)

Here's Why:

They’re already committed to the organization, trying to do their best work, day in and day out.

The team already knows, values, and respects them, ensuring team harmony from the get go.

They are intimately familiar with the work, expectations, and measures of success

With a solid understanding and key intel of your organization, they’ll have a head start with no time wasted on getting them up to speed.

These are the foundational pieces for great managers that can lead your organization’s future success.

And the right leadership development action plan will identify and develop those hidden, emerging leaders who can smoothly transition when change is in the air – without the high costs and risks of hiring an external candidate on short notice.

The bonus?

The same process is a leadership development pathway for your current leaders.

After 35+ years in leadership continuity, we can confidently say it:

The best people always come from within (if you do the right things to develop them)!

Not All Succession Programs Are Created Equally

Einblau’s process promises results.

Succession is critical to an organization’s sustained success. Yet too often, it’s mishandled, loses steam, and produces mediocre results. After decades of working with organizations, our formula for rock solid succession comes down to the must-have five keys to succession planning.

Our 'fundamental
five' for airtight
leadership continuity:

The Challenge: Leaders are often chosen for having similar traits and characteristics to previous managers – instead of what’s needed for the future of the organization – ending up in the wrong hires down the line.

Our Solution: We’ll help you establish a succession strategy that fits your organization’s long-term vision. This sets you up to choose leaders based on future goals instead of the current landscape that’s quickly becoming outdated.

The Challenge: By only consulting one or two stakeholders, organizations often miss out on important benchmarks and accountabilities that are pivotal in finding and attracting the right candidate for the job.

Our Solution: We’ll establish a thorough 360 view on what your leadership roles need for success. By gathering input from every stakeholder, we’ll create a standardized set of accountabilities that identifies, attracts, and retains the best people.

The Challenge: Many great leaders are often overlooked because of the subjective processes and biases that cloud succession efforts. These amplify DEI issues, and fosters a sense of distrust and frustration among employees.

Our Solution: We’ll use objective, accurate measurement tools like predictive analytics, benchmarking, and a clear long-term strategy (interpreted and implemented with expert guidance) so you don’t miss out on great potential leaders.

The Challenge: It’s commonplace for organizations to favour technical skills over personal ones – however, it’s typically undeveloped soft skills that will make a leader and their team unsuccessful.

Our Solution: We’ll accurately measure the must-have soft skills linked to leadership success so you identify and promote candidates based on the competencies needed to achieve sustained results.

The Challenge: Succession is a critical issue that’s not being handled early enough to be successful. It’s often jammed in just mere months before a vacancy, and treated as a one-time process that’s pushed aside after positions are filled.

Our Solution: We’ll design succession as a talent engine rather than a single, one-time plan and help you embed a culture of leadership into organization. You’ll be set up for a pipeline of leaders for years to come.

What we do

Our succession process for leadership continuity

Leadership Continuity Plan

Our succession planning consultants work with you to create a custom leadership development program that’s always working to identify and train future leaders.

The coaching advantage

Coaching is an essential part of leadership pipeline development. We coach you and your leaders on developing – and activating – succession strategies and action plans so you don’t fall back into old patterns when things are stressful.

Why is leadership transition planning critically important?

‘Poor fit’ leaders are a “no return” investment.

Without a robust succession plan, you’re more likely to choose leaders who aren’t right or ready for the job – hurting your entire organization with low performance, more conflicts and office politics, and potentially a domino of costly resignations.

The true cost of a mishandled or missing leadership succession plan:

  • Frustrated ‘superstar staff’ who are ready to achieve more but are limited by what their leader is willing to commit to.
  • A disengaged team where complacency and lack of commitment becomes the norm.
  • Critical expertise and know-how that leaves the organization with the former leaders, leaving your team scrambling and potentially setting your organization back years.
  • Hiring leaders that “lower the bar” and set expectations that produce mediocre results.
  • A low return for the salaries you’re paying.
  • More team conflicts, less effective collaborations, and more resignations.
  • A bumpy transition that disrupts workplace flows and productivity as a brand new manager struggles to get up to speed efficiently.

The wrong hires come at a great cost. Especially to your bottom line.

Set up Your Team for Longevity & Growth in the Face of Change

A reliable succession engine is the key to organizational greatness. Your succession strategy can minimize the disruptions when leadership changes come around – more than that, it can help you rise in the face of it!

Don’t reach the point where you have no internal candidates for your leadership roles – let’s get proactive and put a succession strategy into place now.

Succession planning FAQs

Every succession plan should include 5 core elements:
  1. A future-focused plan based on where the organization is headed versus where it’s been. You need a clear long term vision for for strong continuity planning.
  2. A standardized set of accountabilities or benchmarks, based on a collective feedback approach, that identify success factors for leadership roles.
  3. Objective measurement tools to identify and evaluate emerging leaders for development opportunities.
  4. Personalized growth plans to close soft skill gaps in existing and future leaders – including training, coaching, and actionable tools.
  5. A proactive strategy and approach: succession should be a mindset and part of the culture. It’s a business strategy, not a one-time process.

This is one of the best investments you can make in your organization’s future. The cost varies depending on your organization size and specific needs – we will help you create a completely customized succession strategy that ensures your long term results. Contact us for a custom quote.

When it’s done right, succession planning comes with incredible upside:

  • A great work culture centered around growth and promotion.
  • A high-performing, collaborative team that works in harmony.
  • Great leadership consistently at the helm, always pushing your organization to its next level.
  • A solid retention and attraction strategy that builds a goldmine of great talent.
  • An engine that’s always working, and mining the very best talent so you don’t experience a shortage of candidates in the face of leadership changes or vacancies.