Build an organization that rises in the face of change

Organizational greatness calls for longevity and growth. 
Even through the inevitable instabilities. We’ll help get you there.

With strong leadership at the helm, organizational greatness takes care of itself.

An ever-changing workforce. Unstable economic conditions. Team conflicts. It’s the organizations that can weather these challenging waves – and rise in the face of them – that last.


Equipped with the tools and training they need to boldly lead your teams to their greatest potential.

Inspire Teams to Reach New Highs

It Takes bold and courageous leadership

Your managers are the only ones that can lead their team to be driven, have fun, get real, grow, and celebrate highs. Together. 

When wielded in the right way, their influence can inspire an amazing work culture with solid relationships, stronger retention, and higher performance.

Impactful Leadership

Your path to organizational longevity & growth

Impactful leadership is the ability to adapt and grow based on what the team needs right now. (All while staying true to your values.) 

It’s many things applied at the right time – and to do it right, it takes training and expert guidance.  

That’s where we come in.

By helping your leaders grow themselves, we'll help create the essential conditions of an amazing work environment.

Leadership Consultants & Management Coaches
- Calgary & Vancouver

Making your best work happen. one leader at a time.

For 35+ years, Einblau & Associates has been serving clients across North America. Creating inspiring workplaces where people are motivated. Intrinsically.

Our specialty lies in building resilient organizations that last, grow and prosper…even through destabilizing change.

Let's build value with people. Your people.

Our Services for Impactful Leadership:

Leaders always at the ready! Identify and develop the best leaders for your organization’s future.

Help your managers turn the toughest conversations into opportunities of growth for their teams.

A way for your leaders to build a motivated dream team with better performance and communication.

One-on-one coaching for managers, senior leaders, and executives to grow to their full potential.

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Free Guide

Appreciation: The (Often Misunderstood) Cornerstone of an Inspired Workplace

It turns out: Saying ‘Thank You’ doesn’t always go a long way.  In fact, there are 4 different motivation styles to be aware of. Get our free guide to find out what they are – and where your team might be feeling undervalued.

A motivating work culture starts with the growth of your leaders.

Focus on nurturing impactful managers. And the rewards will follow.
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