Peer Discussion Group for Managers and Leaders – Moving From Burnout to Hope – June 2021

On June 28th, 2021 Einblau & Associates hosted a Discussion Session for managers and leaders to talk about “Moving from Burnout to Hope: Build Resilience and Positive Impact for Yourself and Your Employees”.

More than prolonged stress, burnout is characterized by moving from feeling like it’s all too much:

  • Too much work to do
  • Too many expectations
  • Too many people issues to solve
  • Too many deadlines

…through to feeling like you don’t have enough:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Motivation to get it all done

How is it that a virtue as intangible as hope can be a good business strategy and have a lasting and measurable impact on human potential? Hope has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. Research has identified it as a key driver for success in business and life.

Keynote speaker Lindsay Recknell, certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and CEO of Mental Health in Minutes presented on this topic. Afterwards, participants joined small breakout rooms for a discussion with peers to share experiences and insights. Here is Lindsay’s presentation:

More about Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay teaches self-awareness using brain science, and helps as many people as she can use positive psychology to motivate change for the better.

Stay tuned for more discussion groups on timely topics.

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