1607, 2021

Welcome Rebecca Wood

Einblau & Associates is excited to announce that Rebecca Wood is adding her leadership and team management experience to our consulting firm.

3006, 2021

Moving From Burnout to Hope

On June 28th, 2021 Einblau & Associates hosted a Discussion Session for managers and leaders to talk about “Moving from Burnout to Hope: Build Resilience and Positive Impact for Yourself and Your Employees”.

2105, 2021

Soft Skills are Hard to Master

Soft skills are Essential. Hard to Master - Invaluable for Successful Leadership It’s a classic performance issue. You hire a superstar for a management role: the top in their class, the best sales performer ever, the smartest (IQ-wise) in the pack. Then, the superstar becomes a member of your management team and you’ve got a disaster on your hands.

502, 2021

Knowing the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader (and Why it Matters)

Ever notice that cartoons showing “the boss” depict a character with their mouth open, yelling orders? The terms “leader and boss” are often treated as interchangeable in casual conversations. “My boss told me this…”, “We’re working on a new project that the boss assigned the team.” But when you pick apart the implications behind the words and apply them to the workplace, there are leadership lessons to be learned when comparing the attributes of leadership versus just being “a boss”.