Rebecca Welcome

Einblau & Associates is excited to announce that Rebecca Wood is adding her leadership and team management experience to our consulting firm. As a Senior Consultant, she will join us in working with managers and leadership teams to develop their skills, have positive impacts on the success of their employees, and find joy and purpose in their leadership efforts. Einblau & Associates knows a great leader when they see one, which is why Rebecca Wood is now part of our dynamic team.

A great addition to the team

Rebecca has coached, mentored and inspired leaders, senior sales professionals and managers in many industries across Canada and the US. From winning the coveted Sandler Sales Manager of the Year award in 2017 to leading the membership and sales team to success at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, she has an incredible ability to build relationships, advocate for organizations, put herself in the shoes of clients and strengthen the very teams that have contributed to her own success.

Rebecca’s experience

As a Senior Consultant at Einblau & Associates, Rebecca will facilitate the growth of leaders through coaching, skills assessments and training, team building, and succession strategy. Clients need a “sponsor” who has lived experience and knows exactly what they’re going through, and what it takes to become the leader they aspire to be.

Rebecca embodies the values that everyone at Einblau & Associates has lived and worked by in our company’s 35-year history of supporting leadership development. She knows how to build collaborative, inspired teams by honouring the strengths of each person. With Einblau’s design-led approach to leadership development, she has the right tools, training, and proven practical approaches that managers and senior leaders need to influence great outcomes. With clear goals and a commitment to accountability, Rebecca has everything she needs to support clients in their own quest for success – whatever that success looks like to them.

Welcome Rebecca!

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