SDI Strength Deployment Inventory and SDI Personality Assessments

Imagine understanding not only what someone means, but also why they said what they said! The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful communications tool that helps teams and individuals enhance their communications success and interpersonal effectiveness. It is also a relationship awareness and development tool. It is designed to help people assess the strengths they use in relating to others under two kinds of conditions: when things are going well and when one is under pressure or faced with conflict.

The Benefits of the SDI:
  1. Enhanced personal communications skills to improve relationships
  2. Understanding and appreciation of styles other than your own
  3. Identification of styles appropriate to different situations
  4. Preempted conflict and stress that arises from interpersonal style differences
  5. Reduced conflict from style differences (unwarranted conflict) so that stress levels are lower, collaboration is more successful, and relationships are more rewarding
  6. Improved teamwork flowing from better communication, enhanced understanding and appreciation of the differences between team members which is a prerequisite for strong teams
Why Use the SDI?
  • Focus is positive and non-judgmental – each communication style has value
  • Easy to remember and identify styles and motivations of others
  • Shows how motivational behaviour is impacts conflict and stress
  • Provides a way to “speak” so others with different communication styles can “hear”
Personal SDI Chart Sample:

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