Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Einblau & Associates’ Strategic Planning Process provides a reliable means of achieving dependable and measurable results. We work with our clients to tailor a strategic planning process that meets their specific needs.

As specialists in organization development and performance management, we have developed a simple, reliable and well tested planning process. Our planning approach ensures practical results and leads to clear strategies.

Planning Process
  • Review of past planning efforts
  • Information collection using a combination of procedures
  • One and one half, to two-day facilitated planning session
  • Final report outlining the planning session results and next steps
The Results
  • Clearly articulated vision, mission statement, core values and future direction
  • Goals, objectives and actions aimed at achieving the overall direction
  • Renewed sense of purpose for organizational goals

Strategic plans are more effectively communicated throughout the organization if strategy is translated into a captivating visual representation that clearly communicates the direction the organization is headed in and how everyone fits into, literally, this big picture. We work with extremely talented graphic recording artists; as we engage your group in robust discussion they visually, in real time, unfold the results of planning discussions and bring strategic decisions to life.

Below is an example of two graphic recordings that effectively communicates strategic vision, mission and goals to the organization’s stakeholders.

Thank-you to The Notary Foundation for permission to show their graphic recording.

Thank you to MIABC for permission to show their graphic recording.

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I found the course fun, enlightening and extremely useful. During the class I had the opportunity to try out my new skills and insights I'd learned for successfully mediating a conflict. I highly recommend this course for other managers.
Karen Cook, APR, General Manager & VP, Client Services James Hoggan & Associate

Excellent format and interaction. Very effective tools and techniques!
Steve Panz, Inproheat Industries

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