Seminars & Training Programs

Our Approach

Einblau & Associates specializes in developing seminars to meet specific client needs. We also have a variety of previously developed seminars that can be customized to meet organizational requirements.

Our training approach

  1. All sessions are highly practical. Theory is provided to set the context and to elaborate on learning points. Emphasis is placed on application within participants’ working environments.
  2. Participants are actively involved in their learning experience. A lecture format is used when appropriate, and other teaching methods such as small group discussions, participant/trainer discussion and in-class activities are utilized. Every seminar is interactive.
  3. Seminar material is relevant to the participants and their work environments.
  4. The time spent in the training session is time well spent. Learning is fun, motivating and thought provoking.
  5. Session material is customized to match learning objectives.

Einblau Courses