Management Effectiveness Program

Using The Management Effectiveness Profile

Improving Leader Effectiveness

This is a dynamic 360 degree feedback and self assessment program.  This program uses a diagnostic report entitled The Management Effectiveness Profile (MEPS) which measures, reports and recommends improvements in 14 key management skills.

The Management Effectiveness Profile (MEPS) is valid and reliable and compares the participant’s opinion of their skill set to up to eight respondents, and to a norm group of 4,800 top achieving managers .  Participants get these two sets of comparison data which broadens their perspectives and fosters a developmental attitude.

Each participant receives their report, a comprehensive binder with skill definitions and behavioural explanations, as well as additional resources. This is both a useful goal setting tool and future reference book.

Participants meet 1-1 with an Executive Coach to review and understand their report and to set personal development goals in key areas.  This tool can be used by a management team or by an individual.

The management skills assessed in this program are:

  1. Problem solving: Recognizing and Solving Problems
  2. Time Management: Allocating Time and Using it Effectively
  3. Planning: Providing Directions and Scheduling Activities
  4. Goal Setting: Establishing Goals and Objectives
  5. Performance Leadership: Motivating Performance and Personal Development
  6. Organizing: Assigning Responsibilities and Coordinating Tasks
  7. Team Development: Promoting Teamwork and Cooperation
  8. Delegation: Decentralizing and Empowering Others
  9. Participation: Sharing Power and Involving Others
  10. Integrating Differences: Accepting and Resolving Conflicts
  11. Providing Feedback: Facilitating and Encouraging Others
  12. Stress Processing: Managing Crises and Reducing Stress
  13. Maintaining Integrity: Gaining The Trust and Confidence of Others
  14. Commitment: Demonstrating Loyalty and Responsibility

Participating Industries

Some of the industries which have participated in this program include:

  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • IT/IS
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Trade Associations

Info & Contact

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