Executive Coaching

Einblau & Associates practices a collaborative partnership between the leader and the coach.

We help leaders identify and solve issues critical to their business and personal success and satisfaction.

We assist leaders to focus their development on both personal and professional challenges so that that they can positively influence business effectiveness, balance personal and organizational priorities, and enhance performance and their wellbeing.

You can expect increased personal effectiveness and job satisfaction. Executives who work with us report increased motivation and clarity of purpose, heightened ability to inspire others to excellence, and a greater sense of control and personal wellbeing.

We have worked with leaders from industries such as:

  • architecture
  • banking
  • communications
  • construction
  • engineering
  • general insurance
  • graphic design
  • group and disability insurance
  • healthcare
  • high tech
  • insurance underwriting
  • life insurance
  • manufacturing
  • municipal government
  • port authorities
  • printing prepress
  • professional trade associations

Info & Contact

For more information, please contact office@einblau.com