Coaching Skills For Managers Assessment: Create Your Individual Action Plan

Built into the Coaching for Commitment Program is a 360-degree feedback, self and observer, assessment to evaluate coaching skills and identify specifically which skills need further development.

Often companies elect to have their leadership team embark on the 360 evaluation process as a group with the support of an Einblau Consultant. Regardless, any manager who has taken the coaching course can initiate this feedback tool on their own with our support. Whether we are working with a leadership team or an individual manager, we assist in administering the process of acquiring feedback, generating…., providing…., helping…., results, and provide individualized coaching to analyze results and help the manager create an action plan for ongoing coaching skills development and implementation.

Each person solicits anonymous feedback from up to ten other people who are directly impacted by, or have observed, their management coaching efforts. Individuals receive a summary report comparing their own self-assessments to average scores from the observers in key behaviours linked to coaching success. Participants also compare their “self” and “observer” assessments to a norm group of highly successful coaching leaders. The one-to-one coaching Einblau provides post assessment helps each individual set personal development goals in response to their feedback and share their plans with their own manager. This is an important step so that the manager’s supervisor can support them in achieving their goals.

Prerequisite: Coaching for Commitment Course

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I found the course fun, enlightening and extremely useful. During the class I had the opportunity to try out my new skills and insights I'd learned for successfully mediating a conflict. I highly recommend this course for other managers.
Karen Cook, APR, General Manager & VP, Client Services James Hoggan & Associate

Excellent format and interaction. Very effective tools and techniques!
Steve Panz, President, Inproheat Industries

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