Blue Sky Café © (Facilitated Strategic Conversations)

Facilitated Strategic Conversations

Our thanks to the CA School of Business for permission to use their graphic recording.

What is an Einblau Blue Sky Café© session?

The Einblau Blue Sky Café© is a facilitated strategy session modeled after The World Café – a powerful process used in global leadership initiatives. It’s an exciting way to:

  • Stimulate collective imagination in a comfortable, fun atmosphere
  • Challenge your group to think outside the box
  • Expand ideas and build upon the thinking of other participants

Our Blue Sky Café features:

  • Facilitated, customized conversations with dynamic outcomes
  • Targeted, innovative dialogue around strategic issues
  • Accurate visual results

Active participation in a Blue Sky Café© collaborative dialogue surfaces creative ideas, and increases engagement.

The Blue Sky Café© will:

  • Provoke thought
  • Generate energy
  • Focus inquiry
  • Open up ideas and possibilities

We work with talented graphic illustrators who follow the discussion and produce a visual representation of the group’s collective ideas.  This visual representation returns to the client’s office as an exciting and accurate summary of the session’s outcomes.

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