Blue Sky Café: Strategic Conversations, Brainstorming & Dialogue for New Directions

What is an Einblau Blue Sky Café Session?

A dynamic conversation modeled after The World Café© used in global leadership initiatives. In a creative café-style setting, teams develop innovative ideas and directions around strategic issues …. In other words, they have conversations about issues that “matter”!

These sessions are an effective way to:
  • Stimulate creative strategic ideas in a comfortable, fun atmosphere
  • Challenge your group to think outside the box
  • Expand build upon the thinking of other participants

The key to a successful Blue Sky Café© is the questions that are explored – that’s where our expertise comes in. We help you define strategic issues that affect your organization’s future, and design a session where people can express their ideas and opinions, and find common ground for developing new initiatives.

Working closely with each client who wants their people to think BIG, we develop a session agenda with questions that:

  • Are simple and clear
  • Thought provoking
  • Generate energy
  • Focus inquiry
  • Surfaces unconscious assumptions
  • Open up possibilities

We work with talented graphic illustrators who follow the discussion and produce a visual representation of the group’s collective ideas.

Not only do you get great ideas … this session gives you a powerful visual representation of the session outcomes.

Thank you to the CA School of Business for permission to use their graphic recording.

“Café conversations are the most reliable way I have yet encountered for all of us to tap into collective creating. The World Café is not a technique. It is an invitation into a way of being with one another that is already part of our nature.”
-Peter Senge Author of “The Fifth Discipline” Director of the Center for Organizational Learning MIT Sloan School of Management

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Service Testimonials

The Blue Sky Cafe approach to our staff retreat provided a very effective, not to mention fun, way to engage and energize the whole organization in bringing CASB's mission, vision and values to life. The laughter, creativity, camaraderie and sense of common purpose that we generated at the Cafe has carried over into our day-to-day work together. I recommend the approach to other organizations seeking similar outcomes.
John Gunn, CEO, CA School of Business

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