Dealing with COVID-19 Discussion Series

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Two months into the Covid-19 Pandemic and slowly but surely things are opening up again. The tough part is, the pandemic risk hasn’t gone away. We must all learn how to live with it in order to keep striving forward. What does that mean for you, your organization, and in particular, your team? We’re faced with the challenges of making our workplace safe and ensuring we recognize early signs of conflict and issues that arise when staff experience grief and loss of what was once familiar. Based on your positive feedback, we have created a SECOND Critical Topic Discussion Group Series to address these topics.

Similar to Discussion Series #1, we’ll provide best practice information on the topic for approximately 15 minutes, and then spend time together in breakout ‘peer groups’ to pose questions and concerns and get some insights from others in the discussion group.

Our Discussion Topics for Series #2
Topic 1: Back to the Future: Creating a Playbook for your Covid-19 Workplace:

Best practices for a safe, yet productive workplace in the presence of Covid-19. Keynote Speaker Mary Beth Gibbons RN

Mary Beth Gibbons RN Image

With over 30 years experience in the healthcare field as an administrator, strategic advisor, and on-the-ground as an RN and emergency flight paramedic. Mary Beth is now a Clinical Manager for Acute Inpatient Psychiatry at Health Science North in Ontario. She is living through the Covid-19 experience at the hospital and managing a stressed staff of 130. Mary Beth Facilitates meaningful and progressive change through the development of leadership competencies and cultivation of individual potential.

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Topic 2: Facing Grief & Loss Together:

Creating a supportive work environment that holds space for the variety of losses staff may be experiencing from Covid-19 changes (loss of certainty, freedom, financial security, etc.). Keynote Speaker Laura Jones Grief Recovery Method Specialist

Laura Jones

After three decades in various leadership positions within the financial services industry, Laura was provided an opportunity to pivot to a new profession as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist™.  In this role, she translates her passion for helping others to aid them to learn and grow from their personal and/or professional losses.

Laura discovered that although employees may be struggling with a variety of challenges and losses that impeded their ability to be fully present in the workplace, few were willing to discuss the issues with their managers or supervisors. 

Laura provides educational presentations and webinars to organizations interested in supporting their employees’ emotional wellbeing based upon the evidence-based, Grief Recovery Method®.

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Topic 3: The NEW Realities of Management and Leadership:

Spend time in a small group style discussion with like minded managers and leaders to share learnings and gain different perspectives on the following questions:

  1. How are you aligning your staff to focus on collaborative outcomes when everyone is working different hours, remotely?
  2. Three months into COVID-19, are staff being the same, less, or more productive? What differences have you seen in productivity?
  3. New issues have arisen around staff accountability in a COVID-19 world. With no precedent for dealing with these types of situations, what have you found is working in the absence of proven policies? What are you doing to enforce attendance and make decisions about what are the acceptable non-medical and/or medical reasons for being absent, taking sick days, location staff choose to work at, and so on?
  4. Keeping up staff morale: what’s working, what’s not?

Facilitated by Rachelle Lee, President Einblau & Associates.

Rachelle is an organization development and management consultant specializing in training and coaching, leadership assessments and facilitation of strategic conversations. 

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Time of discussion groups: 1-hour
9:00 am PDT | 10:00 am MDT | 12:00 pm EDT

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