Time & Productivity Management 1

Gain Time by Managing Energy

About the Course

The profusion of recent research into “work-smarter” topics has generated countless books and blogs espousing a wealth of creative strategies. Productivity gains from applying these practices are exceeded only by the growing costs of not applying them. Unfortunately, busy people have neither the time nor the energy to dig through the literature and sort out what works.

This session is the answer. This lively course combines the latest energy-management strategies with a fresh look at workplace behaviour and habits. Participants will create an action plan for generating, renewing and sustaining the energy they need to be creative, engaged, and efficient at work.

The end results will be smarter work practices, broadened perspective, greater focus and renewed energy to accomplish goals.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the critical biological/psychological relationship between energy, time, focus, and productivity.
  • Learn how to integrate cutting-edge energy management work practices into any schedule.
  • Develop an immediately applicable plan of action that supports compliance, results, and permanent change.
  • Feel encouraged because productivity can be enhanced, energy can be renewed, focus can be increased and life in general can be happier.

Info & Contact

  • Duration: one half-day (4 hours)
  • Designed for managers, supervisors, front line staff
  • For information please contact the instructor Dawn Groves