All about Stress: Strategies for Effective Coping

About the Course

One of two half-day courses that can save your business and relationships, your health, and your sanity.


This course is designed to help you identify behaviours and triggering situations that push stress into the danger zone. By referencing the latest research on stress management and behaviour change, you’ll be able to craft a practical, personalized action plan that works within your current circumstances and challenges. You’ll also test a few relaxation response techniques during breaks or between topics.

Everyone experiences stress  time to time. Human beings are biologically designed to handle stressful situations. Unfortunately, with today’s performance demands, information saturation, and ever changing business climate, stress levels have become pervasive and downright toxic. Excessive or chronic stress takes a serious toll on work success, physical and mental health, and family relationships. Stress management training is no longer optional; it’s a critical life skill.

“Companies have problems with presenteeism — people physically on the job but not really paying attention to what they are doing — with lost workdays from psychological stress and illness — with high health care costs. Fifty percent (50%) of the people in one survey missed time at work because of stress; seven percent (7%) were hospitalized — hospitalized! — because of workplace stress. People are quitting their jobs because of stress. The business costs are enormous.”

From Dying for a Paycheck author Jeffrey Pfeffer (HarperBusinessPress, 2018)

You’ll end the session with
more than just motivation and knowledge;
you’ll be equipped to take action!


Course Outcomes

  • You’ll understand the differences between stress, eustress, and burnout in relation to today’s business culture.
  • You’ll know the biological components of the stress response and how to channel its benefits into the workplace.
  • You’ll study 10 common behaviours (AKA aggravations) that can intensify stress as well as the latest strategies to keep them at bay.
  • You’ll pick up some simple, everyday hacks that can help manage the stress of a busy work/home life.
  • You be able to decide which (if any) online stress management services are worth your time and money.
  • You’ll explore and experience at least three proven stress management techniques.
  • You’ll build a stress management plan that you’re 100% convinced you can implement right away.
  • You’ll apply the latest research in successful behaviour change to your plan of action.
  • You leave the course with great enthusiasm for the plan you’ve developed.
  • In addition to feeling motivated, you’ll take home a list of online resources supporting your plan.

Info and Contact

  • Duration: one half-day (4 hours)
  • Designed for managers, supervisors, technical and front line staff
  • Includes comprehensive handouts and interesting group processes designed to enhance recall, build skills, and apply concepts.
  • Relaxation Response Options: These very short, workplace-appropriate stress management techniques may include: 5-minute head space, 4-6-6 reduction, mindfulness sitting practice with eyes closed and/or eyes open, short video vs. movement exercise, mindful movement with or without tai chi.
  • For detailed information please contact the instructor Dawn Groves