Strengthen Client Relations with The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Whether you’ve had long-standing clients, or are trying to strengthen a new client relationship, understanding your team’s strengths style compared to your client’s strengths style is key to serving, maintaining and building positive client relations.

This session teaches you how to apply knowledge of the SDI styles in dealing with client relations, including day-to-day client interactions and challenging client situations that sometimes arise.

Session Goals
  • Review and expand SDI concepts
  • Understand how SDI styles impact specific real-life client relationships
  • How to use SDI “tip-offs” to predict the style of clients
  • Decipher challenging client situations using the SDI
  • Learn how to use the SDI Quick Guide for communication strategies that maintain and improve client relationships
  • Learn the exercises the working team can use on an ongoing basis to plan, apply, correct, and deliver effective client communications
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  • Session Length: Three-hour in-house session.
  • Participants: Intact working teams of 4-12 participants who have completed the one-day Plain Talk SDI session. Participants must work with at least one common client (internal or external) or have good knowledge of the client(s) being discussed for case-study exercises.

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Better Coaching with The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

This one-day in-house session is designed to reinforce the coaching processes learned in Coaching for Commitment AND the communication/relationship building skills gained from the Plain Talk SDI course. The program is appropriate for all management and supervisory participants who have attended both courses, regardless of how long ago they attended.

By reviewing concepts from Coaching for Commitment and the SDI, participants gain understanding of how to effectively integrate the skills from each into better coaching outcomes.

A tool called The SDI Coaching Planner integrates SDI skills in planning and conducting the four types of coaching conversations: counselling, tutoring, mentoring, and confronting (corrective feedback).

Session Goals
  • Review concepts of both Coaching for Commitment and SDI methodologies
  • Practice applying the skills learned in the two programs
  • Learn how to best use the SDI Coaching Planner for better coaching outcomes
  • Understand the impact of SDI styles when conducting coaching conversations
  • Learn different ways to use SDI styles to improve problem solving, mentoring or tutoring coaching conversations
  • Identify individual conflict style differences to take into consideration when presenting corrective feedback
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  • Session Length: One-day in-house session.

  • Prerequisites: Courses: Plain Talk, Communication Skills That Work! Plus Coaching for Commitment (taken previously as a public or in-house course).
  • Participants: Supervisors, managers and senior leaders who have completed the one-day Plain Talk SDI course as well as the two-day Coaching for Commitment course.

Personal SDI Chart Sample:

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Course Testimonials

I found the course fun, enlightening and extremely useful. During the class I had the opportunity to try out my new skills and insights I'd learned for successfully mediating a conflict. I highly recommend this course for other managers.
Karen Cook, APR, General Manager & VP, Client Services James Hoggan & Associate

Excellent format and interaction. Very effective tools and techniques!
Steve Panz, President, Inproheat Industries

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