Dealing With Difficult Clients

About ThE Course

Wouldn’t it be great if all our clients and colleagues were pleasant, helpful, and wonderful to deal with?

The reality is, sometimes we have to deal with clients or colleagues who are unreasonable, maybe even hostile, or who may simply drive us up a wall. How can we satisfy business goals, maintain mutual respect and not lose our cool?

There are practical and rational ways to resolve the challenges and differences when dealing with others.

This course is designed to provide participants with techniques to improve their working relationships with both internal and external clients. The session covers the six step process for dealing with challenging people who are exhibiting difficult behaviours.

Course Content

  • Understand and learn how to deal with negative filters
  • Discover what (upset) people REALLY want and what drives their needs
  • Learn that – Yes you can say “No” – by using the right words
  • Learn the six step process for dealing with difficult people
    • Understanding styles vs. emotional states
    • Your role and your triggers
    • Identify the issue and look at the evidence
    • Listen and use well-considered communication
    • Defuse with caring responses and responsible assertiveness
    • Resolve

Info & Contact

  • Duration: One day (keynote or conference presentation formats available)
  • Designed for managers, supervisors, front line staff
  • For information please contact the instructor Rachelle Lee.