Coaching for Commitment: Skill Reinforcement Sessions

Please contact course instructor Rachelle Lee to make arrangements and establish budget requirements.

Course Follow-Up

For organizations where 5 or more people have enrolled in Coaching for Commitment. Ideally this session would take place no more than six months following participation in the course. A two hour facilitated discussion at the client site to review on-the-job application of the coaching skills taught in the course Coaching for Commitment. Provides targeted reinforcement applied to real time situations. Participants discuss barriers preventing the use of their coaching skills and ways to remove those barriers. Specific employee challenges are discussed, and plans are developed for improving the employee’s performance. Designed to ensure the best possible results from the learning acquired in the coaching course.

Skill Reinforcement Session

This is a three or four hour facilitated workshop. Reviews and refreshes the material from the two day Coaching for Commitment course. The goal is to deepen and broaden participants’ coaching skills and to increase the use of their new skills. This is a session for up to 12 participants who have taken the Coaching for Commitment course at least six months and no longer than two years earlier. This session reinforces the process for giving corrective feedback. Participants utilize a Coaching for Commitment specific self assessment to self evaluate their newly acquired coaching skills. They compare their scores to highly rated leaders and set self development goals. Additional resource material is provided to participants in the areas of coaching and leadership excellence.

Coaching Skills 360 Feedback

Individual reinforcement of the coaching course material and skills utilizing a 360 feedback process, plus individualized coaching. Participants utilize the Coaching for Commitment 360 degree Self and Observer Assessments to evaluate their newly acquired coaching skills. Each person solicits anonymous feedback from up to ten other people in their company. Individuals receive a summary report comparing their own self assessments to average scores from the observers in key behaviors linked to coaching success. Participants also compare their “self” and “observer” assessments to the norm group of high scoring leaders. One-to-One coaching with the course instructor helps each individual set personal development goals in response to their feedback.

Info & Contact

For information please contact the instructor Rachelle Lee.