Strategies for Coping

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Human beings are biologically designed to handle stressful situations. Unfortunately, with today’s performance demands, information saturation, and ever-changing business climate, stress levels have become pervasive and downright toxic. Excessive or chronic stress takes a serious toll on work success, physical and mental health, and family relationships.

This course is designed to help you identify behaviours and triggering situations that push stress into the danger zone. By referencing the latest research on stress management and behaviour change, you’ll be able to craft a practical, personalized action plan addressing your unique circumstances and challenges. You’ll also test a few relaxation response techniques during breaks or between topics.

You’ll end the session with more than just motivation and knowledge; you’ll be equipped to take significant action.

See the accompanying course: All About Burnout

Course Outcomes
  • You’ll understand the differences between stress, eustress, and burnout in relation to today’s business culture
  • You’ll know the biological components of the stress response and how to channel its benefits into the workplace
  • You’ll study 10 common behaviours (AKA aggravations) that can intensify stress; you’ll also explore the latest strategies to keep them at bay
  • You’ll pick up some simple, everyday hacks that can help manage the stress of a busy work/home life
  • You be able to decide which (if any) online stress management services are worth your time and money
  • You’ll experience at least three different stress management techniques
  • You’ll build a stress management plan that you can implement right away with 100% confidence

  • You’ll apply the latest behaviour modification research to your plan of action
  • You leave the course with enthusiasm for and commitment to the plan you’ve developed
  • You’ll take home a list of online and digital resources supporting your commitment
Topics Covered
  • Introduction to the concept of coping and the important differences between stress, toxic stress, and burnout
  • Stress test efficacy
  • Understand five of the most common aggravating actions
  • Understand five more common aggravating actions
  • Ranking aggravation impact: biological vs lifestyle
  • Behaviour change in a nutshell
  • Understand concepts of eradication vs. change vs modification
  • Identify personal trigger situations: who what when where why
  • Identify coping strategies that address each aggravation
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Support and follow-up with online resources, where to go from here, etc.
  • Homework: Execute the plan, follow-up with group or buddy, complete the Maslach Burnout Inventory Toolkit* which will be used in the All About Burnout course

Note that topics include interesting group processes designed to deepen awareness, build skills, enhance recall, and apply concepts.

*The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) Toolkit is an introspective online psychological inventory consisting of 22 items pertaining to occupational burnout. The original form of the MBI was constructed by Christina Maslach and Susan E. Jackson with the goal to assess an individual’s experience of burnout by measuring three dimensions: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment. Recognized as the leading measure of burnout, the MBI is validated by extensive research conducted in the more than 35 years since its initial publication.

The MBI is part of the All About Burnout Course: Delivery of the inventory varies depending on how the two courses are administered. Participants receive an email invitation to fill out the inventory online, after which they print detailed results documents and bring them to the session for analysis.

Info & Contact

Session Length: Half-day session 8:00 AM to 12 Noon or 1 PM to 5 PM (including two 15-minute breaks). Can also be combined with All About Burnout half-day worship for a full-day of Worksmart training.

Includes: Comprehensive handouts and the invitation to complete the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) Toolkit* customized for engineers and geoscientists.

Relaxation Response Options: These are very short stress management techniques guided by the instructor (timing and selections will vary with each group): 5-minute head space, 4-6-6 reduction, mindfulness sitting practice w/ eyes closed and eyes open, short video vs. movement exercise, mindful movement w/ tai chi.

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I found the course fun, enlightening and extremely useful. During the class I had the opportunity to try out my new skills and insights I'd learned for successfully mediating a conflict. I highly recommend this course for other managers.
Karen Cook, APR, General Manager & VP, Client Services James Hoggan & Associate

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