503, 2019

Hire the Best: Five Fool Proof Questions

It is imperative to focus on attracting, selecting and training quality people. You need to make the best decision at the time it counts the most – NOW – because this investment will stay with you for years. You need to select the person who has the right skills mix to fit the position and the right person to fit your organization.

2602, 2019

Four Ways to Lose Your Best People

Whether the cause of a resignation is the search for stability or the promise of a better opportunity, the effect is just as devastating: a highly talented individual departs and an operational void emerges.

2602, 2019

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

The phrase “open, honest communication” is rapidly entering the realm of platitude, and that’s unfortunate. Just at the time we need more of it, people are using the words in a way that generates confusion, rather than clarity.

2602, 2019

Mining Conflict For Growth And Profit

In conflict, communication wears two faces. It may be simultaneously the genesis of discord as well as the key to peaceful resolution; it may lead to time-wasting arguments or creative diversions. When we inadvertently – or stubbornly – misinterpret another’s words and attribute unworthy motivations to them, poor communication skills are at work.

2602, 2019

Ripples of Energy

Corporate leaders are guardians of company energy. They have the power to awaken creativity or suppress it, stimulate effort or dampen it, start production or stop it. Smart leaders understand this power and attempt to use it strategically.

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