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Who’s Engaged .. Who’s Not

Motivating Performance – Money Isn’t Everything

Performance Coaching – Fostering Commitment and Superior Performance

Twenty-First Century Anchors


Ripples of Energy
Understanding how our own energy affects the attitudes and performance of others.

Coaching For Conflict Resolution
What do you do when only one part wants to come to the mediation table?

Problem Solving for Two – or More
Advantages and benefits of using a third party mediator to help bring resolution to disputes.

Mining Conflict For Growth And Profit
This article article appeared in the November 2005 issue of the Chartered Accountants Association of BC magazine, “Beyond Numbers”.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Why push-back is useful communication. “The phrase ‘open, honest communication’ is rapidly entering the realm of platitude, and that’s unfortunate. Just at a time when we need more of it, people are using words in a way that generates confusion, rather than clarity.”

Strategic Planning in Turbulent Times
This article was prepared as the cover story for the December 2003 issue of the Chartered Accountants Association of BC magazine, “Beyond Numbers”.

Hire the Best – Five Fool Proof Questions

Human Capital

Sustaining Long Term Profitability: APEG BC Conference Keynote Presentation
These notes are taken from the keynote presentation Harriett Lemer delivered at the APEG Conference in Victoria, B.C.

Sustained Competitive Success

Four Ways to Lose Your Best People

Special Events

Einblau Leaders’ Forum Presentation

Sharon Wood – First North American Woman to Climb Mt. Everest
These presentation notes were given at the Leaders’ Forum sponsored by Einblau & Associates in Vancouver, B.C.